The first try.

Friday, February 3rd. 11pm. Empty stomach. Bored blank mind. I took 3 grams of “magic” truffles psilocybin Mexicana. It was deceiving. Only 3 grams, yes. I was a bit scared after reading a lot about the risks. I just wanted to dip a toe in the water. I was alone. No sitter to get me…… Continue reading The first try.


For years I saw this around. Articles etc. It was in a corner of my head. Then I finally started to work on myself beforehand. I assessed what I could gain from it and what I could loose. Taking anything is never innocent. And I am not necessary talking about drugs. Medicine too. I was…… Continue reading Psilocybin.

pre -2017 state of mind.

I’m not particularly depressed. I mean I don’t think so. Some people think I am an extremely pessimistic/ sad person. I lost a lot of “friends” this way. I didn’t mind. I avoid most of my friends anyway. The only one I can keep are those who live far away; it’s easier this way. I have…… Continue reading pre -2017 state of mind.