Protocol #1 ?

I have about 8 grams left now I think.

I hesitated first taking them tonight. Three nights in a row may be counter-productive. I don’t really know yet. Everywhere I have read that the tolerance goes really fast and it is pointless to take day in a row, if you don’t increase dosage. But I wouldn’t want 8 grams to go to waste (they are short lived in the fridge) I will take them. I haven’t eat for hours and I am not hungry yet so this could be nice also (it is recommended not to have eaten anything before for at least 2-3 hours, and I definitely understand that with the taste and nauseous effects I had on first night)

Moreover yesterday was already 2nd day (first day with 3 did not do much but it was still in my body though) and in this case I would tonight increase again. So I think I will try again, and try tolerance. Just for fun. I’m feeling adventurous. I hope it will be as fun and nice as it was yesterday. A last round for this month.

After this, I will not take anything for a month.

Then in a month take psilocybin mexicana again, but slowly increasing dosage. Maybe up to 15 grams a take. I will see depending of my reaction with 8 grams first. But maybe do like 8 grams, then 10, then 15?

And if it goes right, another month after that I’d try another kind. For the moment I just love Mexicana and its happy waves. Not matter where my trips will take me next, I will forever cherish this happy memories with Mexicana.


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