For years I saw this around. Articles etc. It was in a corner of my head.

Then I finally started to work on myself beforehand. I assessed what I could gain from it and what I could loose. Taking anything is never innocent. And I am not necessary talking about drugs. Medicine too.

I was on a highly dosed pill for more than 15 years. It messed up my skin, my mood, my life. I suffered a stroke about 5 years ago (since then this pill has been accused of provoking several strokes). The mood swings were terrible. As I stopped, months after my body started to get rid of it, I felt my set of mind changed, my whole body changed (and my skin was ruined, but that is another story…) I was prescribed anti-depressants years ago, as I was in a very dark time of my life suffering from the loss of a relative… I stopped them suddenly as I saw I always had to increase the dosage to feel “better”, and not even to feel good. I was an addict, and I did not want to be. I preferred to be very unhappy. The sudden drop of the anti-depressant was not a clever move on my part. It was dangerous. But that’s what I did.

I read a lot of articles, trip reports, warnings, and apologies about psilocybin and its various uses. Recreative trips, microdosing, dangers, and benefits have become theoretically familiar to me (I will share links and studies later probably)

So I thought, why not?

Took me a few months before buying my “magic truffles”. But I finally went home with them, “magic” truffles psilocybe mexicana on this very Friday 3rd, 2017.

Today is Sunday, February 5th 2017. I did my first “trips” on psilocybe mexicana and I intend to do more. As I was on the trip yesterday night I thought I should document my experience. I will do this here, though I do not yet exactly where this will take me. 

This is my psilocybe story.


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