The first try.

Friday, February 3rd. 11pm. Empty stomach. Bored blank mind. I took 3 grams of “magic” truffles psilocybin Mexicana. It was deceiving.

Only 3 grams, yes. I was a bit scared after reading a lot about the risks. I just wanted to dip a toe in the water.

I was alone. No sitter to get me out in case of trouble. I preferred to be safe than sorry.

The taste was as described. Disgusting. It almost made me nauseous. And then I waited. I put some “happy” music and danced alone. I was waiting for something to happen.

Nothing happened.

I cannot even say I was feeling happier. I actually grow frustrated. Very frustrated. After all I had read about the effects, I felt nothing. I changed the music. Grow tired of dancing. I felt very thirsty, hot and then cold.

And suddenly very tired. Very very tired. All my muscles were sore. And I was hungry.

I eat a cookie that tasted like the better cookie of my life. That’s the one real effect I felt. The sensation of eating this cookie was amazing. It was like all my tasting buds were stimulated. This cookie was fabulous.

But I was exhausted. I rolled to bed feeling battered. I had a hard time finding sleep and I woke up a little nauseous. Almost hungover.

So, that’s all? that was it?!

This first experience was very deceiving. I was frustrated on the moment and not convinced. But I did not want to stay on a defeat.


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