Riding laugh.

I did take the 15mg of mexicana saturday night. The taste is still very bad. I ate a banana right after and then started to dance. It was not a very strong trip but it was nice. I felt loved and very loving, overall happy even if a bit nostalgic to be alone. I laughed a lot.

Effects were coming in waves. Even as I was half asleep after I had the feeling to be in a happy rollercoaster, laughing and smilling in my dreams. I expected a bit more so I am a bit disappointed but I think those truffles were a bit dead already as they had been in my fridge for a while.

I got another pack of mexicana that I will do this week and then move on to some other variety. I wanna try stronger effects. I feel I am ready. I’ll go slowly stronger and stronger. Mexicana wil still remain a safe happy place though.


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